"Madysin Hatter truly reigns as the new queen of rock." - Music Junkie Press, 2016


"She stands above the rest and sets the bar in every way." - Screamer Magazine, 2016


"Madysin Hatter, upon first glance, is a masterpiece. She's got the image, the style, the look, and the energy that just exudes superstardom."- The Aquarian Weekly


"An epic dose of hell yeah." - Screamer Magazine


"It's rock with an attitude, and while it could serve as prime candidate for mainstream radio play, it also holds its own with a solid unique rock sound." - Metal Assault, 2016


"An infinitely triumphant performance from a spiraling talent we will be hearing a lot more about." - HighWire Daze


"She is superb...not only with her incredible vocal range but with her honest emotion, she awakens all your senses....she brings back the rock star show that has been missing from the stages." - Music Junkie Press


"She sways and moves across the stage with the subtle, carefree air you see in old footage from Woodstock. Her voice could blow the roof off with a single, powerful's the kind of show only a seasoned performer can give." - Music In Press


"Hatter took no prisoners...and proved that women can rock out just as hard as the men." - Screamer Magazine


"Could definitely be played across mainstream rock radio, for it's fun, edgy, catchy, and addicting." - The Aquarian Weekly


"Amazing performance-- her voice pretty unique among many female vocalists of today." -Examiner


"It's no surprise that when the amps fired up and people heard that voice, the remaining attendees smoking on the sidewalk out front (Whisky A Go Go) filed into the room." - The Citizen Journalists


"Hatter allows her vocals to ooze their way back into a Stevie Nicks-esque posture, where her voice works best." - Glitter 2 Gutter


"Had the crowd eating out of the palm of her hands." - Screamer Magazine


"The best part of seeing it live is that she doesn't appear to hold anything back...Those who weren't fans going in WERE fans on the way out." -The Citizen Journalists


"Madysin Hatter is one of the most creative, motivated, and passionate female artists I have ever met." - Lindsay Klein (Radio Personality on 105.5 FM WDHA The Rock of New Jersey)


"Hatter is a sure fire star on the rise." - Screamer Magazine


"What she reminds me of is a young Stevie Nicks of Fleetwood Mac fame. Stevie still has it-- but Madysin has it like Stevie did 35 years ago." - Rockwell Unscene Music Magazine 


"Hatter's powerhouse vocals transcend to limitless heights." - Screamer Magazine


"It is refreshing to hear (an artist) just be who they are without trying to fit the flavor of the day." -Glitter2Gutter


"She has the perfect combination of vocals, stage presence and the ability to engage anyone who sets eyes and ears on her." - Screamer Magazine

Press for the new album

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Radio Airplay

 Madysin Hatter's music has been played on 105.5 WDHA, 95.1 WZZO, 89.5 WSOU, KNAC, Hair Metal Mansion, LA LA Land Talk Radio, and more. 


Photo Credit: Rose Hogan Photography. All rights reserved.